SUPPLE SKIN CO Molten 24k Gold Body Oil 100ml
SUPPLE SKIN CO Molten 24k Gold Body Oil 100ml
SUPPLE SKIN CO Molten 24k Gold Body Oil 100ml

SUPPLE SKIN CO Molten 24k Gold Body Oil 100ml

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Our luxurious Molten body oil melts into your skin for ultra nourished, supple, silky soft skin. Real 24K Gold provides additional anti oxidants & skin firming benefits to the powerhouse formulation that makes up Molten.  Every single drop, every ingredient is there to serve your skin. No fillers, no time wasters. 

The feel is lightweight yet luxurious and will rapidly absorb into your skin, leaving you feeling intensely nourished without feeling oily or sticky. Available in natural or scented. Our deliciously scented version replaces the need for perfume (and attracts comments from anyone who smells us wearing it). 

Molten benefits: 

- Locks in moisture levels 

- Protects the skin barrier function

- Plumps the skin 

- Improves skin tone & elasticity including cellulite reduction 

- Promotes healthy youthful skin 

- Improves blemishes, scarring, stretch marks 

- Reduces inflammation in the skin

Hot tip: Best used immediately after showering or bathing on moist skin. Post shower we recommend a very light pat dry. This is better for product absorption than completely dry skin.  Why? It actually helps lock in extra moisture and allows the oil to absorb at a deeper level.

Application: Use one pump per area of the body. Apply to damp skin and massage into the skin in small circular motions for at least 30-60 seconds. Take the time when time allows. It’s great for product absorption but even better for circulation which is a win win! You can also add a few pumps to your bath for a lush skin treat. 

External use only. Store in a cool dark place 

Product Size: 100mls 

Ingredients: hemp seed oil, apricot kernel oil, golden jojoba oil, macadamia oil, green coffee bean extract, organic green tea extract, sea buckthorn oil, frankincense essential oil, carrot seed essential oil, neroli essential oil, vitamin e, vanilla bean extract.

Note: scented version also contains less than .01% fragrance parfum